Our firm was founded in Athens in 1955 by Agis Metaxopoulos. From the very outset A. Metaxopoulos Law Offices began to grow and soon became established as one of the most highly specialised law firms in Greece handling intellectual and industrial property law and entertainment industry and mass media law issues. Our firm took its current form of a law firm in 2005 and today has three partners, Kriton Metaxopoulos, Irini Daroussou and Vivian Vassilopoulou.

Our firm based its expansion on proper utilisation of its associates’ skills; associates who in effect began their professional career with the firm and thus easily assimilated the principles and philosophy which underlie how the firm is run.

At national level the firm is supported by a network of associated law firms and lawyers from across Greece (Thessaloniki, Patra, Crete, Rhodes amongst others) who offer total support to our clients.

The firm’s staff now consists of 7 full-time and 3 of counsel lawyers specialised in penal and administrative law and highly-skilled tax consultants plus an experienced administrative staff of 4 individuals, making it a mid-sized law firm by Greek standards.